Текст песни "Christmas"

I want to stay with you baby,
I love you
I catch every word you say
The night is yours 
and I'm singing so lonely
My song flows slow like a honey
uuuuuuu like a honey

This is the Christmas you 
spend with me only
and I hold your hand tight
The snow is falling on your face
so slowely
snow is sweet like a honey
oooooo...like a honey.. yehee

They say you love nobody
They say you change men like gloves
They say you will deceive me
but, I don't beleive it, 
yes don't beleive it
no, for you know what I'm feeling
and new(?) snowflakes are singing above
And you hear my heart's beating
hwaaooo..and you know what I'm
meaning of word love

you know the meaning of my words


oooh..what I feel...know what I'm feeling
oooh...you know what I'm feeling
and the snowflakes are singing above
and you hear my hearts beating ...ooohhoo
and you know..and you know what a feeling..
word of love...words of love...

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